Top 10 Most Richest Countries in the World 2019

Of the just about 200 countries within the world, several generate billions, and even trillions, in revenue every year. however that one comes out on high because the richest country within the world? we tend to checked out the information to seek out the highest 10 richest countries and also the richest country within the world per capita.

The ranking are supported the International financial Fund’s Oct 2017 information on GDP per capita supported buying power parity, that compares the currencies of nations in respect to the value of products and is employed to weigh a country’s economy in respect to others, consistent with the United Nations agency.

Many of the best ranking countries, like sultanate and Qatar, have fuel and oil dynamic their economies. However, GDP growth for what square measure usually the richest countries have modified because the value of oil born in 2014. Investment and powerful banking systems have conjointly helped propel economic process in alternative countries like Iceland and ere.


These are the top 10 Richest Countries in this World!



capita: $61,910

2017 GDP: $364.14 billion

Population (2017): 4.83 million



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